GPU-Z 0.3.7 with Hemlock Support

GPU-Z 0.3.7

A new update of GPU-Z is available. GPU-Z is an tiny utility designed to give you all information about your graphic card. This new version adds support for the new Radeon HD 5970 and checkboxes to show the level of support of GPU computing (CUDA, PhysX, OpenCL and DirectX Compute).

You can download the new GPU-Z HERE.

* Added Infotips for sensors
* Fixed crash when ATI ULPS CrossFire enabled
* Added full support for ATI HD 5970 (Hemlock)
* Added full support for NVIDIA GeForce GT 240 (GT215)
* Added “ULPS active” note to CrossFire status when ULPS active
* Fixed overclocks via CCC not showing correctly
* Added checkboxes to show availability of CUDA, PhysX, OpenCL and DirectX Compute
* Improved memory type detection for GT 216, GT 218
* Added voltage monitoring support for HD 5770
* Disconnected fan now shows correctly in sensors (when detectable via hardware)
* Improved accuracy of ATI GPU load monitoring
* Added detection for ATI RV380/RV530 cards relabeled to NVIDIA 9400/9500/9600 GT
* Added support for NVIDIA 9300 SE, NVS450, GT 240, GTS 250M, G102M
* Added support for Intel G41