AMD Display Library (ADL) SDK 2.0 Available


ADL or AMD Display Library is a C library designed to access display driver functionality for ATI Radeon and ATI FirePro graphics cards.

ADL 2.0 changelog:

  • Over ten new Displays Manager APIs
  • Updated API grouping
  • Added OverDrive5 API notes
  • New sample code (DDCBlockAccess)
  • More references to constants and APIs added in the documentation
  • Bug fixes


2 thoughts on “AMD Display Library (ADL) SDK 2.0 Available”

  1. UVD

    does this AMD/ATI API finally give 3rd party’s developers Real access to, and the ability to actually use the UVD ASIC in ANY way ?

    its a simple thing, we just want and need an API that can access this available UVD ASIC on all new AMD/ATI gfx products , going back all the way i beleave to the x1550.

    an Open UVD API and documentation for simple things like frame accurate editing of our x264 High Profile Level 4.1 Encodes apps and 3rd party code to compete with the CUDA API and their long time ability to access their video CUDA ASIC by adding such a UVD ASIC API to the codebase of ffmpeg and x264 cores for instance….

    If Not this API then what open API does include UVD access for all 3rd party’s to read and use to help AMD/ATI products shine when compared to others long time free APIs ?

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