GeeXLab 0.1.13 Available

GeeXLab - real time 3D - Lua, Python, GLSL

An update of GeeXLab is available. GeeXLab is now available in two versions: with and without Python. The version without Python will allow people that do not have a valid Python installation to use GeeXLab without problem. Lua is still available in both versions. As usual, the Python version requires the installation of Python 2.6.3.

The code samples have been updated.

DOWNLOAD: GeeXLab 0.1.13 full



  • New: added depth_bits attribute to shadow_mapping element of scene node.
  • New: added in config file the possibility to initialize the number of bits for color, depth and stencil buffers.
  • Change: VSYNC is OFF by default.
  • Bugfix: fixed a crash in anti-aliasing on Radeon when MSAA was greater than max MSAA supported.
  • Bugfix: in the Python version of HYP_Utils::OpenUrl().

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