OpenCL Physics Simulation Across 6 AMD Opteron (24 Cores)

[youtube 7PAiCinmP9Y]

AMD demos its OpenCL for CPU beta on Six-Core AMD Opteron Processors. See how easily the Powder Toy physics simulation application scales across 24-cores with OpenCL without making changes to the application.

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9 thoughts on “OpenCL Physics Simulation Across 6 AMD Opteron (24 Cores)”

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  2. thinsoldier

    I’m confused. I ran powder toy for the first time just now and it seems to perform on my quad core almost as well as it performs on his 18 core.

    He should have used on of the community made demos as a base so we could definitely see the difference across core count.

  3. Leith Bade

    AMD have used a modified version with OpenCL. Also the stock version limits the particle count to stop your CPU lagging. Plus the window is a lot smaller, they are using some high res widescreen LCD.

  4. gorg_graggel

    the title says that the demo is running on 6 quadcore opterons, but the video suggests that it should be 4 hexacores (scales from 1-24 in multiples of 6)…

    so long…

  5. Ryan

    Where can we get the OpenCL version of this? None of the links seem to work. Is this available for download?

  6. Tugrul

    Changing a simple fluid-solver into opencl one took 1 day and Im not a computer engineer. I think this could be done within a week by author because seems not so simple 🙂

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