PhysX Tech Demo: Phluid Fysics

PhysX Fluid Demo

Here is a PhysX demo made by the students of The Institute of Computer Graphics and Algorithms of the TU Vienna. This small demo uses OGRE for the rendering along with Cg shaders, DevIL for image loading, and of course PhysX SDK for fluid simulation. Main graphics effects are: shadow mapping, relaxed cone stepping for relief mapping, screen space meshes and generic refraction simulation.

You can download the demo HERE.

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3 thoughts on “PhysX Tech Demo: Phluid Fysics”

  1. Calisto

    MSVCR71.DLL is included in the “Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Environment”, that anybody should have installed today (@filip007); Chris: Yes and No. PhysX is a technology that had been developed by AGEIA. You can still use an AGEIA PhysX accelerator, but to have graphics+physics in one card, you need NVIDIA graphics 😛 Otherwise this will lag pretty much. Testing it with my GeForce 8600 GT (PhysX included)

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