How To Overclock Your Graphics Card for Free

Overclocking Guide: How To Speed Up Your Graphics Card for Free

Here is a quick overclocking guide. Basically, to overclock your graphics card (or speed up the graphics card), you need RivaTuner and FurMark.

The overclocking is achieved in two steps:

  • 1/ GPU overclocking: increase core speed by 5MHz with RivaTuner and check stability with FurMark. Repeat until you see artefacts / glitches. At this moment drop speed by 5MHz until you don’t see artefacts anymore.
  • 2/ Memory overclocking: set GPU core to default clock and overclock memory like you did for the GPU core.
  • 3/ Apply both overclocking speed and check global stability with FurMark. Adjust settings if necessary.

There are two kinds of artefacts that can appear when clocks are too high:
small dots: GPU core clock is too high
large splashes: memory speed is too high.

This news shows a nice example of artefact with FurMark:

Overclocking: artefact with FurMark

So, from the previous explanation, the squares you see on the furry donut are due to a too high memory clock.


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8 thoughts on “How To Overclock Your Graphics Card for Free”

  1. Rado

    Hi i have xfx 9500 gt 1GB and I did so i increased about 100 mhz on gpu and 40 mhz in memory its stable i can increase more but tempreture while doing the stability test reaches 78 is this bad or something or its ok and i can overclock more? no dots or things appear just tempreture get high also is it ok to increase my fan speed to 100% or that will damage it

  2. JeGX Post Author

    78°C is okay. You can overclock a little bit more (up to 85°C but not more).

  3. Abhishek Dey

    I have a XFX GeForce 8500GT.
    i increased my GPU core spreed from 450MHz to 600MHz
    Memory Speed from 400MHz to 480Mhz and Shader Unit Speed to 1300MHz from 1024MHz.

    Somtimes i see few artifacts such (as dots) in Far Cry 2 but not in other Games like Crysis and Mirror’s edge.

    temperature remains constant around 78 degree Celcius.

    Is it a safe temperature for this card?
    Is the artifact only generated for a particular game? So should i decrease the Core Speed?

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    yes, to answer your question Abhishek, that is an ok temp. GPU’s run pretty hot, around 70 C to 80 C. 85 C is REALLY pushing it, but if you dont go above 80, you should be fine. Use a tool to bump up your fan speed, and it wont happen. The highest my temp has ever gotten, while OCing is about 67 C…

  7. Just saying...

    “the squares you see on the furry donut”
    WTF?! What’s with the furry, square sprinkled donut?!

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