Geeks3D Test: USB 3G Key

USB 3G Key

Until the begining of July, my ISP lent me an USB 3G key (the SierraWireless Compass 885). I’ve never used such a gadget and I must say it’s rather cool. Since yesterday I surf the Net and can do the news for Geeks3D with a wireless 3G connection. My biggest fear was: is it enough fast to allow me updating Geeks3D and downloading all demos / graphics drivers I need? My ISP said me: surfing the net works but downloading is slow… Okay let’s see!

The 3G key uses mobile network to be connected to the Net. The key comes with a SIM card, the same you have in you mobile phone. Insert the SIM card in the key and plug the key in an available USB port. The installer is automatically launched:

USB 3G Key

Just follow the instructions. Simple. Once the installation is over and all components are detected (wait for one or two minutes…) the PIN code login is displayed:

USB 3G Key

After what, the 3G connexion manager is started.

USB 3G Key

Just click on Connect and you’re ready to surf the Net from anywhere…

Now the real test
First test: downloading Notepad++ 5.4.3:

USB 3G Key

Oh no… it’s very slow… too slow! The 3G key was plugged directly on my computer. I don’t know why but my intuition told me to move the 3G key away from the computer. For that I used a one-meter USB cable to connect the 3G key to the PC and I placed the key in a free place on a shelf. Second test: the AVG antivirus.

USB 3G Key

Yeah man, it’s better! It’s even perfect: 297KBytes/sec (or 2MBits)!

Thanks to the USB cable, the 3G connection is now fast and I can work without problem on the Net. Uploading works fine as well.

On the following screenshot you can see the signal power in dBm: -73 dBm

USB 3G Key

Conclusion: if you find a way to receive the mobile phone signal with the maximum power, the 3G key is a neat solution to access to Internet from anywhere (limited to your country…) and above all, this solution works fine.

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  1. Rik Lee

    cool! I’ve got one as well. Using it now. Even used it to download Win7 from Technet. Took me 3 days right enough. But they’re pretty good. More than quick enough for browsing and smaller downloads.

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