Metatunnel: An OpenGL 1k Demo With Source Code

Metatunnel: An OpenGL 1k Demo

Want to see a cool effect in a few bytes? Just download the zip file here:

This is an OpenGL 1k (1024 bytes) intro made by the french demogroup FRequency. And because they’re cool guys (bonne initiative les gars!), they offer the source code of this nice 1k-intro: metatunnel_source.tar.gz.

A graphics card with shader model 3.0 support is highly recommended (ATI Radeon HD 1k+ or NVIDIA GeForce 6+).


7 thoughts on “Metatunnel: An OpenGL 1k Demo With Source Code”

  1. greg

    well actually, they didn’t offer the source

    the source has been reverse engineered and made public by someone else

    but hey, frequency dudes are cool anyway

  2. JeGX Post Author

    Thanks for the info. I didn’t read the see the readme.txt: “MERCURY REVERSE ENGINEERING SQUAD”…

  3. Criosphinx

    Avira Antivir Personal, unwanted program found:

    TR/Crypt.XPACK.Gen Trojan

    I know its probably a false positive, but I have learned not to take risks

  4. JeGX Post Author

    Yes I think it can. It’s a GLSL shader without uniform variables so it should be possible to use it with FurMark’s post-fx file.

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