FurMark 1.6.1 Patched for Catalyst 9.1 and OpenGL 3.0!

Ok guys, this is a bugfix release of FurMark to support OpenGL 3.0 rendering contexts with the latest ATI Catalyst 9.1.

All new features will be added shortly in FurMark 1.7.0.


FurMark 1.6.5 *** RECOMMENDED***

Update (2009.02.04)
FurMark is officially online. Read the complete story HERE.

Please, dear reader, post a feedback in the comments section to let me know how this patch works, especially if you have a Radeon 3k/4k with Catalyst 9.1.

Update (2009.02.04)
Version 1.6.0, 1.6.1, 1.6.2, 1.6.3 and 1.6.4 do not work with Catalyst 9.1 A.I.:

– FurMark 1.6.4 –better than 1.6.3–

– FurMark 1.6.3 –should be better than 1.6.2–

– FurMark 1.6.2 –works better than 1.6.1–

– FurMark 1.6.1 –works better than 1.6.0 😉 —

FurMark 1.6.1 ChangeLog:

  • Bugfix: ATI Catalyst 9.1 crash when an OpenGL 3.0 context is used. See HERE for more information about the bug.

FurMark 1.6.1 GUI

60 thoughts on “FurMark 1.6.1 Patched for Catalyst 9.1 and OpenGL 3.0!”

  1. chris

    not working for me, still crashing.
    i use : Ati4850, CAT 9.1, phenom 9550..
    thx for the updates anyway

  2. Zeuz

    hey hello i try but same for me its crash again i have 4870×2 but nothing hapend please can you check what is the prioblem thanks.

  3. JeGX Post Author

    These crashes are very strange… FurMark works fine with my Radeon HD 4850 / Cat9.1 / Win XP 32 sp2. I installed the driver only, not the CCC. I’m going to test with the CCC.

  4. JeGX Post Author

    Just did a test with Cat9.1 + CCC + Win XP 32 SP3 + Radeon HD 4850. Still works fine… For those who have the crash, please be sure to have downloaded the latest FurMark in this post (version 1.6.1 – Jan 30, 2009 @ 11:16:14) and not in a download mirror somewhere else…

  5. Xain

    I have an x1900xtx, xp sp3 (italian) and catalyst 9.1.

    I can’t start FurMark 1.6.1.
    It says that it’s required an opengl 2.0 compliant card….
    No problems with FurMark 1.5.

    Any ideas?


  6. Zalamander

    ye its FurMark_v1.6.1.exe
    Crashest at once XP 32 SP3 with CCC, anyway I can debug the crash to give you more info?

  7. JeGX Post Author

    Xain > I will look a the problem.

    Zalamander > yes try to give me more information. Maybe FurMark’s log file has some interesting info…

  8. JeGX Post Author

    Thanks Zalamander. The log shows an OGL 3 ctx. So I suppose you can see the main startup GUI and once you start the rendering, FurMark crashes. I have the same problem now, the driver crashes in the creation of a second ogl 3 ctx (the one used for the rendering). I feel I’ll issue a new version without ogl 3 for ATI boards.

  9. Zalamander

    Too bad I was searching all over the web for some kind of OGL 3.0 demo to try out if it worked on this latest catalyst this was the only place I found.

  10. JeGX Post Author

    yeah I know, that’s why it’s tough for me to debug… no reliable code sample or demo…

  11. JeGX Post Author

    A new version is available for test:
    FurMark 1.6.2

    By default the GL 3 ctx creation is disabled. To enable GL 3 ctx, just launch the file Start-FurMark-OGL3.bat in FurMark’s folder. In stability mode, the OpenGL version is displayed near the renderer.

  12. Zalamander

    hmm it seems that didnt solve anything, curious, still crash the same way when you try “Go!”.

  13. Chris

    used 1.6.2, XP 32-SP3, IE 7.0, 9.1catalyst, still not working, thank you for ur effort ^^

  14. Crishan

    Even with FurMark version 1.6.2, it still crashes on a 4870, on Vista (32bit) with
    Cat. 9.1, as soon as I click on “go”.

    The same goes for GPU Caps Viewer…and OpenGL based software like
    SecondLife, as I found out today. Cat. 9.1 and OpenGL: No go!

  15. JeGX Post Author

    Zalamander, Crishan and Chris > FurMark 1.6.2 still crashes with the /gl3 (Start-FurMark-OGL3.bat), right?

    Xain > cool…

    I don’t understand why FurMark 1.6.2 works like a charm on my Radeon HD 4850. Do you have some utilities in background (FRAPS, …) ?

    I think it’s better to wait ATI Catalyst 9.1 hotfix or more simply Catalyst 9.2 (if they manage to release it before the end of February – watch out ATI, this month has only 28 days…).

  16. AlterMax

    Hello, my english is not so good, sorry…

    I`m used 4870 with XP32 SP2, Catalyst 9.1.
    FurMark 1.6.2 dont work with/without /gl3

  17. JeGX Post Author

    Thanks 4 your feedback AlterMax. I must find a HD 4870 to continue my tests…

  18. Sado

    i have the same problem:
    i can start FurMark 1.6.1&1.6.2, but after click on “Go” the programme hangs.
    i’ve Win XP 32-bit SP3, CCC 9.1 ans ATI Radeon HD3870.

  19. JeGX Post Author

    I’ve a hd 3870. Okay I’m going to start again the tests with a fresh install of winxp. There must be a reason that explains why FurMark runs on my systems with Cat9.1.

    I found this thread where the author has posted an OpenGL 3.0 code sample (source + binary) and guess what? It crashes too…

  20. Chris

    @JeGx, yep ur right, same crash everytime = )
    i guess it’s ati’s fault this time, but 9.1 ish definitely far better than 8.12…IMHO

    My friend’s comp use this settings : phenomx4 9850+ toxic 4870 + cat 9.1 also crashing everytime = P

    i wonder if it’s because i use non standard GPU cooler? ( FYI both me and my friend use Duorb an custom water cooling thermaltake GPPU cooler..)

  21. JeGX Post Author

    I did some minor changes in the way OpenGL 2 / 3 rendering contexts are created. These changes are present in the very latest FurMark 1.6.3 (download in the top of the post). Let me know how this new version works…

    I tested FurMark 1.6.3 on a fresh WinXP 32 SP2:
    – Radeon HD 3870 + Cat9.1: OK
    – GeForce 8800 GTX + Forceware 181.22: OK
    – S3 Chrome 430 GT + latest drivers: OK

    Chris > I don’t think the GPU cooler is the source of crash. It’s a 100% software problem (FurMark and Catalyst 9.1).

  22. Crishan

    No, unfortunately, FurMark still crashes as soon as the “Go” button is clicked
    and FurMark opens its’ windows: ‘the application has encountered an error and
    needs to close (translated from my German Windows Vista)’

    A game like Nexuiz (OpenGL.based, IIRC) plays fine, but e.g. SecondLife just crashes.

  23. evgen.05

    Fur mark 1.6.3 still crashes when I push “GO” button. HD4870 vista x64 catalyst 9.1

  24. AlterMax

    I`m used 4870 with XP32 SP2, Catalyst 9.1.
    FurMark 1.6.3 also dont work.

  25. Sado

    Win XP 32-bit SP3, CCC 9.1 and ATI Radeon HD3870:
    still crashes with version 1.6.3,
    function at “0x6957f2c0” cannot access memory at “0x05ca1020” – cannot “read”

  26. Zeuz

    hii hummm still i have the same problem i download 1.6.3 and dosent work still crash i have 4870×2 cat 9.1 please chek ok thank you.

  27. JeGX Post Author

    it’s unreal… what do you guys have in common to make FurMark crashing? ATI CCC particular settings? FRAPS (version?) ? GPU-Z (version?) ? RivaTuner (version?)? Blind debug is really hard…

    Which version of FurMark works for everyone with Cat9.1 ? 1.4.0, 1.5.0 ?

  28. Sado

    tested 1.4.0 and 1.5.0 – crash after press on “Go!”, the same error: cannot read…
    had no problems with CCC 8.12 and FurMark 1.6.0, but CCC 9.1 makes crash
    with all versions of FurMark 🙁 i has no Fraps/GPU-Z/RivaTuner/Tweaker etc.

    screenshot from my CCC: http://www.pycb-clan.de/bilder/ccc.jpg
    i use standart CCC settings.

  29. AlterMax

    I`m not use FRAPS, RivaTuner or GPU-Z. I use only ATI Tray Tools(Ray Adams) tool for change speed fan. When i start my system, ATT runs, change speed fan and unload. I try FurMark 1.5.0, it`s dont work. My ATI Radeon HD4870 not overclocked.

  30. JeGX Post Author

    I released a new patch (1.6.4). Since the first OpenGL 3.0 context is always correctly created (this context is used for interface) while the second ogl 3 ctx always crashes, this patch uses an ogl 2 ctx for the interface needs and creates an unique ogl 3 ctx for the rendering. Let me know how it works my friends!

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  32. evgen.05

    FurMark Version 1.6.4 still doesn’t work. Vista x64 CCC catalyst 9.1 ATT v1.6.9.1374. No overclocking. HD4870.

  33. polux400

    Thank you for the 1.6.4 fix.

    It works perfectly now with ATI HD 4850 GS & CATALYST 9.1

    Good job !

  34. Zeuz

    hey whats up: well same for me still crash i dont now what is the reason but i will try all the up dates you make, untill this “#%”% work ok so dont give up .

  35. wim

    Works perfectly on a HD4870 Club3D OC edition & vista x64 with cat9.1

  36. JeGX Post Author

    Seems we are in the right direction with version 1.6.4… I will release another patch tomorrow for new tests. Thanks for all your feedbacks guys!

  37. Crishan

    On Vista (32 bit), Catalyst 9.1, FRAPS not installed, GPU-Z not running, not ATT installed, 4 GB RAM (3.2 GB used) with a 4870, 512MB:

    Still no go, even with FurMark 1.6.4, OR SO I THOUGHT.

    I have disabled Adaptive Anti-Aliasing AND I moved the slider for Catalyst A.I. back from Advanced to Standard.

    Please try these options (Adaptive Anti-Aliasing and/or Catalyst A.I. back to standard) and tell us if FurMark works again…

    Suddenly, I also can Login to SecondLife again, I must have been one of the two!

  38. JeGX Post Author

    Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you found the Big F****ing Bug: I enabled Catalyst A.I + Adaptive AA and now FurMark crashes on my Radeon HD 4850!

    Will try to release a workaround asap…

  39. Sado

    CCC 8.12 & enabled Catalyst A.I.: 4950 o3Marks
    CCC 8.12 & disebled Catalyst A.I.: 3250 o3Marks

    CCC 9.1 & disabled Catalyst A.I.: 3250 o3Marks
    CCC 9.1 & standard Catalyst A.I.: 2550 o3Marks (stable 43 fps all the benchmarking)
    CCC 9.1 & advanced Catalyst A.I.: crash

    CCC 8.12 seems to be more better, Catalyst A.I. don’t work propertly…

  40. JeGX Post Author

    Yep the new version 1.6.5 is out! The bug came from Catalyst 9.1 “Human-Wanna-Be” feature: Catalyst A.I. Let me know if the workaround is robust and I will be able to officially release the new FurMark.

  41. Sado

    nice work – have no problems with/without Catalyst A.I (standard/advanced)
    CCC 9.1 is a small piece better – i’ve 3520 o3Marks (3450 with CCC 8.12)

  42. Zeuz

    hello thats it you make it yes thank you now its work perfectly in 4870×2 now i be waiting for the new furmark 1.7 , question you fix the problem whit the performance in the catalist you now this guys (ATI) slow down the performance
    and youy say change the furmark.exe to something.exe now is fix o still the problem? eny way thankyou.

  43. happy

    hi 🙂 i found this thread while searching for a solution to stop secondlife crashing all time on my new system (hd4850, phenom 9950, vista64)
    thanks for the hint on adaptive antialiasing, this solved my problem!

    and since this is a benchmark site i just gave it a run … is 4963 o3Marks a good value?

  44. JeGX Post Author

    Zeuz > ATI has added a FurMark detection in Catalyst and I can do nothing by code to prevent that. The only solution is to rename FurMark since this detection is based on the name FurMark. But from version 1.6.0, I’ve added a renamed version of FurMark in the intaller: etqw.exe. And by default, all shortcuts point to etqw.exe…

    happy > yes 4963 is a good score for your HD 4850. You can check other scores here: FurMark Comparative Table.

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  46. luxy68

    I can’t run Furmark 1.6.5 when ATT (Ati Tray Tools) is running. Why ?

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