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Laboratory for Real Time 3D Programming (prototyping and demos)
OpenGL, Lua, Python, GLSL,
PhysX and more...

Reference Guide
XML Nodes

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<curve> XML Node

XML Node Summary


The curve node makes it possible to plot all kinds of 3d curves. The initialization of the curve can be done either in XML of with scripting. The modification of curve's properties (position, color) is done with scripting only. See HYP_Curve library.

curve element has 3 attributes and 0 sub-element(s)

  • name [STRING]: name of the curve object
  • render [BOOLEAN]: enables or disables the rendering of the object. - Default value = TRUE - Values = TRUE|FALSE
  • numPoints [INTEGER]: number of 3d points defining the curve. - Default value = 100

Code sample :

<curve name="myCurve" render="TRUE" numPoints="100" />
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