Hash codes generator for Windows and Linux

Windows 64-bit

version 0.3.2 - 2019.10.03

Linux 64-bit

version 0.3.2 - 2019.10.03

Raspbian Buster

version 0.3.2 - 2019.10.03

For any feedback or bug-report, a thread is available here.


H4shG3n is a free and standalone application based on GeeXLab and coded in Lua. Here are the main features of H4shG3n:

HashGen - Hash codes generator - Windows platform
HashGen - Hash codes generator - Linux platform


Version - 2019/10/03
+ added Raspberry Pi version (requires Raspbian Buster).
! On Linux / Raspbian, the hashcodes.txt file is
  automatically opened after hash codes have 
  been exported.
! updated with GeeXLab

Version - 2019/01/16
+ (Windows) Buttons have been added to manually copy hash codes
  to clipboard (hash codes are no longer automatically copied).
+ (Windows, Linux) a button has been added to export hash codes
  to the hashcodes.txt file.
! updated with GeeXLab

Version - 2019/01/11
! (Linux) updated with GeeXLab
  (no dependency with GLIBC 2.27).

Version - 2019/01/07
. first public release for Windows and Linux